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Gail Carriger en interview

Gail Carriger en interview

 Gail Carriger, auteur d’Etiquette & Espionage est en interview sur le site Lytherus


Extrait :

I’d heard rumors that you were going to write something with Prudence as the main character, so I was a bit surprised when I realized this story was actually set prior to the time in The Parasol Protectorate. Tell us a little bit about how you decided to explore this time in the new stories.

Prudence will get her own book, but for this series I wanted to delve into the past. I wanted to explore the concept of technological abandonment, when a culture voluntarily ceases to use a technology despite the fact that it would make life easier. As an archaeologist this has always fascinated me. Readers of my adult series will notice that there are far more mechanical servants and toy mechanimals in this book than later on in my steampunk history. What happened to them ? Why did they disappear ? Sophronia will tell us that story along side her own.

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